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The Name Change

So you may have noticed that Beauty Queen Blues has recently had a bit of a makeover, and is no longer Beauty Queen Blues. I decide to change
the blog name from Beauty Queen Blues to Florence & Frankie for numerous reasons. I personally felt that the name Beauty Queen Blues was very confining and slightly misleading in regards to the posts and genre of my blog. I still adore beauty and fashion, and will forever be creating posts about all things beautiful and stylish, but also want to do lifestyle posts, recipes, room decor, photography etc. I feel as though Beauty Queen Blues misled people coming to my blog thinking that it was just a beauty blog.

As for the name Florence and Frankie, there is a story behind the name, and I also thinks it is cute, but not confining of restricting. If you want a post explaining the name change, comment down below so I know. Please do not worry about anything changing, really it was just the name.

So here is Beauty Queen Blues, just with a New Name:

– Erin xx